Political Reform Parties

What elements must be present for real reform to occur?

Currently, political parties choose candidates from within their inner circles. Successful candidates must have a strong influence within the party.

To combat faulty political practices, the Reform Party was organized. Eventually, inner friction split the party into the Reform Party of the USA and the American Reform Party.

At first glance, their ideas seem reasonable, but they still lack a basic fundamental idea that is crucial to real political reform.  Nowhere in their literature do they propose that all citizens who meet the constitutional conditions be considered as possible candidates.

Both reform parties still choose their own candidates.

In order for a true democracy to exist, people must be in a position to select from a wide range of candidates rather than a select few. 

This would block strong relationships from forming between the government and special interest groups that only seek to further their own goals.  

Allowing all eligible people to have a chance to serve in the government would provide a resolution between the self-serving concepts of capitalism and the harsh single-mindedness of socialism. Free enterprise would still exist and the average citizen would have more choices.

A true democracy exists only when people have real control in choosing their political leaders.

Are you an activist?  Here is what I suggest.  Rather than become enmeshed in partisan politics, support a state-financed (or perhaps privately financed at first) structure which supported all candidates, whatever their philosophy of government.  I'm sure that your ideals are fine and noble, but wouldn't it be best to set them aside and fight for the right of every candidate to be heard?

This kind of activism would help to transform your country into a real democracy, and produce a wonderful legacy that should last for all time.  That will lead to a more functional  government, and a better world for everyone, including you.


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