The Root Causes of
Social Dysfunction
There are major problems with our political, educational, and health-care systems that people have struggled with for centuries.  

Imagine that all social problems are configured like a tree.  Consider that there are roots, large branches, smaller branches, and leaves. 

The question is: What are the roots in terms of dysfunction?

We have blind spots that prevent us from seeing the defects clearly.    .

The blind spots heavily influence our laws, policies, customs, traditions, and belief systems.

They cause enormous human suffering, economic, and environmental damage.

This material is part of an international conversation, and there is a discussion forum to improve the clarity, knowledge base, conclusions, and recommendations. 

You May Have a Favorite Cause
There are many thousands of causes to improve society and the environment.  There is everything from an organization to protect the Cook Inlet in Alaska to the Zero Population Growth Action Network.  Imagine what would happen if all of the concerned citizens in all of these groups devoted just a little time to thinking about the core causes of dysfunction that influence
all of society.  Doing that would cost no money, and help everyone's cause. 

The traditional, primitive, less mindful way of approaching the problem is to blame the people for causing the problems.  This has been tried, and doesn't work.

Mindful Activism

Most activism in the past utilized rallies, marches, sit-ins, and so forth.  There was a high amount of energy output for a small amount of effectiveness.  It also only provided a temporary solution, because the root causes remained.  Mindful activism, on the other hand requires a much lower energy output with a great  

deal of effectiveness.   It serves to enlighten rather than to pressure.  The goal is to provide deep insight and lasting change.

What's In It For Me?
A lot.  Being able to see what is really going on around you is critical to your well being.  Acquiring mindfulness is essential to your happiness.  We are all interdependent and must pull together if we are to advance our culture.

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