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The Fatal Flaw in our System of Democracy

Shaun Kerry, M.D.
Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

We have known that our government has been dysfunctional for decades.  There is a very basic defect in the system.  Fortunately, the situation is not without a remedy. Only when people realize the gravity of the present situation will they recognize the existence of a cost-effective solution, and support the necessity of fundamental change.

The idealistic belief that anyone in America can become President is false.  In our current form of democracy, only a special few can become elected to office.

What does it really take for someone to be elected?  He - or she - must have the will and stamina to campaign for endless hours.  He must convince the political party leaders that he will be loyal to the party and its financial supporters.  Additionally, his supporters must believe that he has the charisma that will be necessary for him to win.  A person of this personality type is rare.  Furthermore, these characteristics take precedence over the more important qualities of judgment, character, vision, and problem solving ability.

Individuals who do not associate themselves with a major political party must have massive financial backing in order to campaign.  And to receive such support, candidates must remain loyal to the agenda of their political party/supporters.  This leads candidates to take actions which might benefit specific organizations and individuals, but may not be beneficial to society as a whole.

This site will define the root problem that plagues our present political system.  It is necessary that you understand this before going any further.  A separate site will explain the solution to this problem, and explore a cost-free plan of action that you can undertake to participate in the reform movement.