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Political Reform Parties
Shaun Kerry, M.D.
Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
What elements must be present for real reform to occur?

Both reform parties still choose their own candidates.  In order for true democracy to exist, people must be in a position to choose from a wide range of candidates rather than a select few.  This would prevent special relationships from forming between the government and special interest groups that only seek to further their own agenda.  By allowing all eligible people to have a realistic chance of serving in government would provide a compromise between the self-serving concepts of capitalism and the harsh, single-mindedness of socialism.  This would give the average citizen more choices, and a true democracy exists only when people have real control in the choosing of their political leaders. 

Are you an activist?  Rather than become enmeshed in partisan politics, support a state or privately funded structure which supports all candidates, regardless of their philosophy of government.  I'm sure that your ideals are fine and noble, but wouldn’t it be best to give first priority to the right of every candidate to be heard?

This kind of activism would help to transform our country into a true democracy, and would lead to a more functional government, which would prove beneficial to everyone, including you.