Political Reform Parties

Will political reform parties create real reform?

What are the basic elements needed for this to occur?

In recent years a party known as the "Reform Party" was organized.  There was a dramatic upheaval in the organization and they split into the Reform Party of the USA, and the American Reform Party.   If you read their platforms and websites, at first glance their ideas may seem reasonable.   

Currently, the political parties all solicit large donations and propose their own candidates.  I believe that for real reform to occur, that we must move into an entirely different model.

We must develop a structure such that ALL of the people can have an equal opportunity to choose their candidates.  The political organization should not choose the candidates from within its inner circle.  Rather, ALL citizens who meet the constitutional conditions should be considered as possible candidates.  

That is an extremely fundamental difference.  I have searched throughout the literature, but I have not seen this proposed.  

This would serve, first and foremost, to select the most appropriate people to serve in government.  The people must be in a position to select from a universe of candidates, and not just a very few.  

This would put up a brick wall between government and  special interest groups. 

There is no other proposal that has been made yet, to the best of my knowledge, that would achieve this.

It would provide a resolution between capitalism and socialism.   It would not impede free enterprise, yet it would empower the people.  

I would suggest that the truly reformed political organization stop asking for donations of any real substance.  If a meeting is to be held, the secretary can pass a basket so that people can put in, say, a dollar, to pay the rent.   But given our history of political corruption, a political organization should not solicit or accept money.


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