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The Root Causes of Social Dysfunction

Shaun Kerry, M.D.
Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

We have spent centuries struggling with the major problems that plague our political, educational, and healthcare systems.  Imagine that all social dysfunction is configured like a tree.  There are roots, large branches, smaller branches, and leaves.  The purpose of this group of sites is to expose the roots of this tree, and propose effective solutions.

Presently, we have blind spots that prevent us from clearly perceiving the defects of the current system.  The blind spots heavily influence our laws, policies, customs, traditions, and belief systems.  They cause
 enormous amounts of human suffering, as well as economic and environmental damage.  This material is part of an international conversation on social dysfunction.  In fact, a discussion forum exists to help improve our base of knowledge, our conclusions, and our recommendations. 

You may have a favorite cause.  There are thousands of activist movements that exist.  You could do anything from protecting the Cook Inlet in Alaska to working for the Zero Population Growth Action Network.  Imagine what would happen if all concerned citizens in these groups devoted just a little of their time to thinking about the core causes of societal dysfunction.  Addressing these root causes would cost no money, and help everyone's cause.  Do you want to promote world peace?  Improve the environment?  It will not be possible to achieve these goals and bring about any lasting change without addressing the root causes of social dysfunction.  When you do that, the other goals will follow automatically.
  The traditional, primitive, and less mindful way of approaching the problem has been simply to blame people for causing these problems.  We have tried this method, and it has proven highly ineffective. 

Most activism in the past utilized rallies, marches, sit-ins, and so forth.  There was a high amount of energy output for a small amount of effectiveness.  Plus, the result was only a temporary solution.  The root causes remained untouched. 
Mindful activism, on the other hand, requires a much lower energy output and provides a much greater level of effectiveness.

What's In It For Me?  A lot.  Being able to see what is really going on around you is critical to your well being.  Acquiring mindfulness is essential to your happiness.  We are all interdependent and must pull together if we are to move forward as a society. 

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Additionally, please read the specific plans: Campaign Reform  Health-Care Reform  School Reform

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead


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